Scotty Meanderings Over Lake District Hills

ImageHeading for the hills. Worth being strapped in the back of the car with my daddy Chalkie Scotty. We stopped by a nice stream – just right for drinking. Then I started the climb round the base of Blencartha.ImageI so love these hills. I take the owner for miles – far more than I should do and usually end up on short walks for a couple of days but it is so worth making her push the boundaries for.ImageLooking back to base camp I see we have an intruder!ImageAfter I had conquered this hill The Master drove us on to the waterfall hill where we had our picnic. I got some scrummy chicken and biscuits and the I dragged the owner out for another walk.ImageIntrepid scotty explorer bouldering my way up to the top of the waterfall! Love the different terrains and views.ImageSo finally I get to look down from the top of the waterfall and debate wether I should body surf down it! BOL maybe not the Owner may not be too impressed with that idea.ImageSo I was at the top looking down and now Im at the bottom looking up! I look to the owner for some more food for my next challenge! Then we are back in the scottymobile and heading round the lake to Catbells the owner says. Now that sounds really interesting CATbells!!!!ImageJust me and my soul and a breathtaking hill and view.ImageLooking at the view from Catbells. Cat now where does that come into it. I have sniffed every rock, dug a few holes, explored all the craggs and searched high and low but not a hint of a CAT! So what was I looking at – this!ImageAmazing tranquility and calmness. Lastly on this adventure I guess I should put this last photo in of what the locals fondly know as Titty Pike!ImageAnd so ended my jaunt round 3 hills in the lakes and now I can only look back and dream of the next challenge once the owner has recovered from this one sigh!Image


About caymusjunior

Just an ordinary little scotty pup wandering through life and growing up.
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2 Responses to Scotty Meanderings Over Lake District Hills

  1. What fantastic photos – hope you recovered quickly and have been on plenty more!

  2. Linda Rosenberg says:

    CJ, you and your owner take such wonderful photos and are real poets. You write beautifully!

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