Another Day in the Life of a Lonely Scotty

ImageA Scotties eye view of the sunset tonight through the hedge by the canal. It is a chilly night as the air settles around the peace of the canal. Well peace apart from the main road on one side and the railway on the other BOL. ImageAn old bridge sighs over the cut as I race up and down all the new sniffs and .Love coming somewhere new. I strut down the towpath looking like I own it.Nice path but cant see any tow on it anywhere. *wondering what tow is* ImageNow that looks like supper on legs. Just love duck. Pity owner wouldnt let me swim over to the other side. Guess I just have to wander onwards under the bridge to the flip side.ImageThe flip side of the bridge with a nice stepped garden someone has made and once again I cant get to it! Shame I could help with the digging and watering.ImageMe and my Daddy just finding something good to sniff at. Should I jump or not?ImageNow whats through here? Mmmmmmm Lambs now that would do for supper instead of duck. Maybe I should just run in and drag one out. Could roast it down at base camp. *shaking that ass*ImageNow thats something new. Boats – thinking I could do with a nice boat to pilot up the canal James Bond style BOL. Loving all the notices on them saying tax in post!ImageOOops best not walk past a ole hill that needs some extra digging. Nose in and rip the mud out with my mouth looking for critters for supper.Starved scotty I am.ImageSo the evening sun is setting and the intrepid explorer needs feeding. Guess its time to meander home till the next walk.


About caymusjunior

Just an ordinary little scotty pup wandering through life and growing up.
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One Response to Another Day in the Life of a Lonely Scotty

  1. Sheena says:

    I did not know you had a blog page/site…I love the pictures and what a nice walk…..

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