Bowland Knott

ImageMy Sunday started off with the usual patrol of the woods and graveyard, but then the owner said “CJ in the car” and another adventure begins. We have to drive for about half an hour then we hit the fells. The freedom of vast empty spaces to the untrained eye. To the highly trained scotty eye there is a vastness of new smells, criteters to chase, new hole to be dug just a million and one new things to do.

ImageHalf way up the climb is rock where I stop – it isnt at the bottom and it isnt at the top! BOL & I look out over this spectacular view – freedom as far as I can see if only I could escape the leash!Image

So beyond the view the owner for some reason goes straight up gurgling and breathing like a steam engine BOL! Best not complain too much or may not get out again. Anyway I like to deviate up and down the sides. Bouldering my way round new sniffs and critters holes.Image

And up we go again climbing our way to the desolate horizon only for me to notice an intruder which needed barking at to make them go away.

ImageSo my new found deep bark soon saw that off. There were still patches od crunchy soft snow allover the fells that had nestled down in the dips.After much searching I found the perfect snowdrift to make scotty angels in. 

ImageFinaly we meander to the top only to find out my Uncle Caymus is already there!

ImageI was named after this inspiring brave scotty who stole everpawdys heart. 

ImageThen down to the bottom again. So love all this running around. And what does the over worked Terrier do after a ramble over the hills and fells?


Nice big bowlof food in the scottymobile before heading home for an evening stroll and supper!



About caymusjunior

Just an ordinary little scotty pup wandering through life and growing up.
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