Remembrance Hill 8th March 2013

This is one of my favorite places on earth. The Owner has always known this Hill & Fell way before I was thought of but now it is part of me and I will love it forever. March is a busy month on the Hill. It all started many years ago when a little girl wanted to talk to her daddy in heaven so they ill was climbed and notes written and fastened to rockets and sent soaring into the sky for the reader. Today we carry on that tradition by taking 3 special rockets up to the cairn. Of course I lead the way up over the fell.


Its a grey damp miserable day today. The owner is coughing her way up behind me BOL. Of course there are many distractions on the meander to the cairn not in the least the many mole hills that need digging out and thoroughly sniffing for the chance of a critter for my supper. Tonight it is cold enough for the owner to make me wear a coat. I keep protesting that I am a Hardy Scotty but she insisted so if I want to walk I guess I have to compromise 


ImageAnd of course I keep having to stop and bark encouragement to my Daddy Chalkie to keep dragging the Master onwards and upwards.


The Master doesnt always make it this far. They usually just come round the lower part. The Cairn has been a bit of a struggle recently but so worth it. So we approach the cairn. On day I may even get to go further on and maybe the summit the next hill only just visible in the distance. But for now the Cairn is far enough.


 We reach the Cairn at last. Tis a special place of Remembrance of all those we love and miss. My Uncle Caymus G. The greatest Scotty ever who would have been 15 today if he had survived. He will always be a big influence and inspiration in my life. Im proud I was named after him.I feel his soul close to mine today as he forever lives in my heart. 



Then I place the flowers for my Uncle Tony’s birthday. He was very special too. I was born the same time he died and My very Special Aunty means so much to us. Nothing will ever be too much for me to do for her. I feel peace on these fells with everyone. I know their hearts are with me here and everywhere I go. The memories swirling in the wind shrouded in mist. This is where I want to be forever.


Now normally that would be it today. But yesterday we found out that our Drama Queen Uncle Markie died.He worked on the markets with us till recently. He drove my owner down to Stoke to get my Daddy. He always groomed my Daddy Chalkie & my Momma Bear Vader, even the Pesky westie Penny. He loved me and often strolled round the market with me and always had a cuddle for me. Its kind of a shock as although he has been ill a while he always said he was fine and everything was ok. This has now got the owner thinknign and asking all sorts of questions BOL. So far My special guy Markie RIP painfree and I will miss you so much huggle Uncle.


ImageSo we send 3 rockets heavenwards with messages, And as the sunsets somewhere in life we go away to question life, the universe and everything. Thinking of different paths, choices and decisions. 

ImageSo I guess thats it for Remembrance Hill on this day. Time to wander home and reflect.



About caymusjunior

Just an ordinary little scotty pup wandering through life and growing up.
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