Another day with my Adorded Aunty



So a day at Trentham and I soon took charge of my adorable Aunty Shelfie although she didnt seem to keen on coming to sniff posts with me BOL






And of course My Uncle Maxwell came along as well to join the gang. Uncle Maxwell knows all the best places for sniffing cos he gets to come to Trentham more than me.



Then My Aunty decides we have to walk with the Master and my miserable daddy Chalkie Scotty.



Of course my Aunty was very attentive as to what I was doing and always watching me!


Granny Pat arrived. We had to wait for Granny Katherine to get a hat as she was going on about it being cold! I kept survailance to the left whilst Uncle Maxwell took the right – although I think he was really watching for his Mom coming back!


The perfect twosome – except for some reason Aunty Shelfie didnt seem too keen on carrying me round this time!


The Hoomans all decided luch was a good idea so I got to chat with my Granny Pat.


Then the other Granny with THAT very PINK hat joined us!!!!!!!


The hoomans all tucked in their food whilst us starved dogs had to wait around.


Of course I waited very Patiently for any food!


Bertie waited patiently for food as well.


Oh and Uncle Maxwell…….well he was just in a reflective mood………


And then the sun went downn another wonderful Trentham Trip *sighs*






About caymusjunior

Just an ordinary little scotty pup wandering through life and growing up.
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2 Responses to Another day with my Adorded Aunty

  1. Pat and Pam says:

    Loved this story, grandpuppy! Hope you tell many more.

  2. Zena says:

    Looks like you all had a great time 🙂 Love Bertie’s close up, very handsome fellow.

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