ImageSo we arrive on the desolate sands at Fleetwood. I almost get to run free. Looking out into the depths of an ancient ocean. The sounds of cackling gulls are carried round by a gentle wind blustering around as I wonder what to do next. ImageGuess I just walk on a solitary path along the coastline to nowhere. Thousands of pebbles lying on the sands of time but change to sparkling jewels as the tide washes over them. The relentless echo of waves forming and crashing down.ImageWith a flying flick of the butt Im up up and away.ImageLooking back along the paw walked shoreline. The clouds are rolling in to the horizon to merge with ocean somewhere on a horizon. The ageless call of the ocean rolls up into my soul. Image

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Another Day in the Life of a Lonely Scotty

ImageA Scotties eye view of the sunset tonight through the hedge by the canal. It is a chilly night as the air settles around the peace of the canal. Well peace apart from the main road on one side and the railway on the other BOL. ImageAn old bridge sighs over the cut as I race up and down all the new sniffs and .Love coming somewhere new. I strut down the towpath looking like I own it.Nice path but cant see any tow on it anywhere. *wondering what tow is* ImageNow that looks like supper on legs. Just love duck. Pity owner wouldnt let me swim over to the other side. Guess I just have to wander onwards under the bridge to the flip side.ImageThe flip side of the bridge with a nice stepped garden someone has made and once again I cant get to it! Shame I could help with the digging and watering.ImageMe and my Daddy just finding something good to sniff at. Should I jump or not?ImageNow whats through here? Mmmmmmm Lambs now that would do for supper instead of duck. Maybe I should just run in and drag one out. Could roast it down at base camp. *shaking that ass*ImageNow thats something new. Boats – thinking I could do with a nice boat to pilot up the canal James Bond style BOL. Loving all the notices on them saying tax in post!ImageOOops best not walk past a ole hill that needs some extra digging. Nose in and rip the mud out with my mouth looking for critters for supper.Starved scotty I am.ImageSo the evening sun is setting and the intrepid explorer needs feeding. Guess its time to meander home till the next walk.

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Scotty Meanderings Over Lake District Hills

ImageHeading for the hills. Worth being strapped in the back of the car with my daddy Chalkie Scotty. We stopped by a nice stream – just right for drinking. Then I started the climb round the base of Blencartha.ImageI so love these hills. I take the owner for miles – far more than I should do and usually end up on short walks for a couple of days but it is so worth making her push the boundaries for.ImageLooking back to base camp I see we have an intruder!ImageAfter I had conquered this hill The Master drove us on to the waterfall hill where we had our picnic. I got some scrummy chicken and biscuits and the I dragged the owner out for another walk.ImageIntrepid scotty explorer bouldering my way up to the top of the waterfall! Love the different terrains and views.ImageSo finally I get to look down from the top of the waterfall and debate wether I should body surf down it! BOL maybe not the Owner may not be too impressed with that idea.ImageSo I was at the top looking down and now Im at the bottom looking up! I look to the owner for some more food for my next challenge! Then we are back in the scottymobile and heading round the lake to Catbells the owner says. Now that sounds really interesting CATbells!!!!ImageJust me and my soul and a breathtaking hill and view.ImageLooking at the view from Catbells. Cat now where does that come into it. I have sniffed every rock, dug a few holes, explored all the craggs and searched high and low but not a hint of a CAT! So what was I looking at – this!ImageAmazing tranquility and calmness. Lastly on this adventure I guess I should put this last photo in of what the locals fondly know as Titty Pike!ImageAnd so ended my jaunt round 3 hills in the lakes and now I can only look back and dream of the next challenge once the owner has recovered from this one sigh!Image

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Solving the Header Photo!

I have at last and after much searching actually managed to get a photo of myself on my header! This was taken on Remembrance Hill. I discovered the art of climbing on and walking walls which gives you a much better view of the world!Image

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The Other Hill

Today we went for a walk up the other Hill. Its called Pendle Hill. It is a nice long walk and I thought the Owner needed to push some boundaries!ImageSo we venture out up the hill. Its an easy slope for the Master as he cant do too much but he sometimes only comes half way then waits with Daddy Chalkie whilst we go a bit further. I have to encourage the owner to keep up!ImageWe walk onwards and upwards. There are no beautiful sunsets to warm the soul tonight. The misty rain keeps falling on and off but we dont care. There are new sniffs to sniffs, new trails to blaze and new places for the Intrepid explorer to explore.ImageOf course I am that busy darting about and running up and down and round and round all over the place we got overtaken by The Master and Daddy Chalkie! There has been that much rain the path has turned into a little River that is running down the Hill. It is good for paddling in and drinking though. We dedcided to play a game of which ever side the Master & Owner went on we would jump over to the other side BOL kept them busy!ImageSo no amazing sunset, just grey clouds rolling across the hills and fells. I guess they still have some beauty in their own way but the loves the orange glow ones best.ImageOf course there is life on the hill and Me and Daddy are always on the high alert mode for anything interesting to chase! Although today there were only a few sheep (mmmmm dinner) But the humans wouldnt let us chase them or bark at them 😦ImageI like to find the natural ‘eau de the hill’ and make sure I take plenty of it home with me!ImageThen we gets time for a little play and Daddy Chalkie steals my ball. I creep up to try and get it but he grumps at me so I have to watch him!ImageAll to soon the dark clouds and evening start to roll in and I guess its time to lead everyone down the Hill and go home for some tea. I gets well fed on home cooked food. The Owner wants me to eat raw but I have tried it and then thrown it up so we are putting that on hold till she does some more research. So tonight I will be getting Ground beefsteak with some kidney. MMMMMMMMMMImage

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The Working Day

Monday Morning & I have to get up early, very early like 5.30am! The owner lets me walk her through the magical woods and the sun rises through the trees today for a nice welcome.ImageOf course being a scotty and an Intrepid explorer I have to go and check everything out! There may have been something for breakfast hiding under here!!!!!!ImageI wander down the path leading my owner for her walk. I take her down the Silver Birches to say Good morning to my Uncle Caymus and all my other souls that are there. This is one of the biggest Silver Birches in all its majestic silver that shines and glistens in the rain and the sun. Its no wonder my woods are full of magic, you can hear it breathing all around this morning.ImageThe magical woods are full of interesting sniffs and holes to check out and dig. Lots of fresh grass to munch on. We havent seen the deer for ages. We used to see them a lot when I was little but now only once in a while. Maybe they think I will eat them now Im bigger BOLImageOf course being a careful scotty I dont like to get my paws muddy so managed to find enough room to walk round this muddy puddle!ImageAfter me walk, my owner loads the car. Im normally on my chain whilst she does this then I dont run away, or get under the feet apparently. She doesnt seem to keen on me trying to weave in and out of her legs whilst she is carrying the boxes BOL!ImageI can observe everything here and bark at the squirrels on the wall and the odd cat that sits there laughing at me! When we are loaded the owner usually makes me, daddy and the Master some breakfast then we set off to which ever market we are going to. When we arrive the Master usually walks us whilst the owner unloads and sets up. The most important things are taken in – our beds, our food & water, our toys, our blankets and our sweaters. We are lucky at being able to go to work and we are hardly eve left home alone. My Mom Vader is there with us on a Monday and she always comes to our stall! ImageThe first thing Momma Bear does is eat all my food then looks at my owner for more. Vader goes off in our car with the Master. He plays soft ball tennis for a couple of hours and then takes Vader for a walk. When she comes back to the stall she stops with my Owner and the Master takes me and daddy Chalkie for a walk. This is me and me Momma Bear Vader Ood – The Dark One BOLImageOf course I am very helpful and have to work really really hard on all the markets!ImageAfter we have packed up and loaded the car we usually go for somewhere for a proper walk! Tonight we went to My Hill. It was Raining and Sunny and I was hugged by a rainbow!ImageAfter all this its back home, a short walk and our teas and bed. Though I can often be seen hanging out on Facebbook as well before a 1am walk and maybe a catnap BOL. 

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Last Night on the Hill

Last Night on the Hill

On the hill we got very wet in the heavy rain but looking across the valley – wow! All weathers merging to light up the valley.

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